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Trump Has No Problem Spreading Lies or Coronavirus During Tonight’s In-Person Rally

In response to Trump’s in-person rally in Douglas County tonight, Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Madison Mundy released the following statement:

“This weekend, Trump chose to put himself over the health and safety of Nevadans and tonight, he set the tone for his trip with contemptible lies. His decision to hold in-person rallies across our state was a continuation of his contempt of the law and public health and will exacerbate the spread of a virus his administration has spent the last 6 months downplaying. Per usual, Trump had no problem spreading lies or risking the spread of coronavirus in Nevada.”


Trump: “Your governor tried to stop us, he tried to stop us, the governor of Nevada, he tried to stop us and we went to different venues.”

Reality: Nevada state officials did not block Trump’s previously planned rallies in the state. Reno airport officials blocked Trump’s rally in Reno, while Trump officials never even asked McCarren airport.

Trump: “[Governor Sisolak] is in control of millions of votes.”

Reality: Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske will oversee this election, just as she oversaw the all-mail primary in June, an election she testified had “no cases of voter fraud.

Trump: “The only way we lose is if they screw around with the ballots.”

Reality: A Yahoo News/YouGov poll released today shows Biden widening his lead over Trump by 10 percentage points among registered voters. A New York Times/Siena poll released today shows Biden up by four points in Nevada.

Trump: “They can burn the hell out of the Strip”

Reality: The Las Vegas Strip has not been ‘burned’ by protesters in Nevada, but it has been devastated by Trump’s failed coronavirus response. 

Trump: “Well with your governor, [defunding the police] could happen here”

Reality: Neither former Vice President Joe Biden nor Governor Steve Sisolak support defunding the police. In fact, it’s Donald Trump who proposed a budget that would have decreased funding for police.