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Ahead of Trump Visit, DNC Chair Tom Perez and Nevada Democrats Call Out Trump for Putting Politics Ahead of Public Health

Ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to Nevada this weekend, the Nevada State Democratic Party held a press conference to call out Donald Trump’s disastrous pandemic response. During the call, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II, DNC Chair Tom Perez, U.S. Representative Dina Titus, State Senator Yvanna Cancela, and Walker River Paiute Tribe Chair Amber Torres discussed how Trump’s failed leadership has hurt Nevada communities — from downplaying the coronavirus for months despite knowing how deadly it was to putting more than 200,000 Nevadans out of work. A recording of the Zoom call can be found here

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II: “Trump is endangering Nevadans and flying in the face of his own White House recommendations by holding rallies this weekend. These emergency directives were put in place because under Trump’s watch, the outbreak of coronavirus got out of control. Over 190,000 Americans are dead, including nearly 1,500 Nevadans. But still, Trump continues to care more about boosting his own ego through super spreader rallies than about the health and safety of Nevadans […] This isn’t the first time Donald Trump has put himself over democratic state leadership’s efforts to keep Nevadans safe. His campaign is currently suing us over the voter expansion bill we passed during our recent special session […] Rather than empower voters, Trump wants to suppress Nevadans’ ability to vote because he’s more worried about his election chances than he is about keeping Nevadans’ safe […] NV Dems have proven over the last two election cycles that we know how to win. And ensuring every voter knows how to participate in this election will be our number one priority.” 

DNC Chair Tom Perez: “Donald Trump is heading to Nevada this weekend for rallies where he will mislead voters about the choice facing them this fall, and spread more lies about his failed record […] Just like he misled the American public about the severity of the virus and lied to people about its deadly threat for months […] When Joe Biden and Barack Obama left office, the unemployment rate in Nevada was 5.2%. Today, it sits at 14%. For Latinos, the unemployment rate is a staggering 30%. All because Trump put politics ahead of public health and decided he’d rather help his reelection chances than help the American people […] Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won’t play games with peoples’ lives. They won’t downplay threats, they will build our defenses to them. And they will make sure we honor the presidential oath to protect the American people by taking action to end this pandemic and, once and for all, get this economy back on track, and get Nevadans back to work.” 

U.S. Representative Dina Titus: “I represent the heart of the valley, from the airport, down The Strip, to Downtown. It was devastating when businesses had to shut down. One in three employees work in the hospitality and service industry. Our unemployment was double the national average. We know that you have to recognize that the virus goes with the economy. You have to cure one to cure the other. Joe Biden realizes that; he recognizes the problem; and he will go about solving it by listening to health care experts, so we can get things back on track […] He will make history with Kamala Harris, the child of immigrants […] My district is the most ethnically diverse district in the state. It is made up of people who have been demoralized by the actions of this president, who has done everything from a muslim ban to tearing children away from their families. The anti-immigrant agenda of this president hits home in my district.”

State Senator Yvanna Cancela: “Donald Trump [has been] a disaster for the Latino community from day one […] Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic led to exceptionally high unemployment for Latino workers, shuttering of Latino small businesses, and families dealing with record numbers of the virus […] It shouldn’t surprise anyone that that’s the approach Donald Trump took for our Latino families. Because from day one, he started his campaign targeting Latino families with racist language and dangerous policies. He relentlessly attacked Latinos for his own political benefit, he betrayed Dreamers, he threatened resources for representation by jeopardizing an accurate census count. And he’s ripped Latino families apart with heartless immigration policies. […] Under a Biden-Harris administration, it’s possible to change the direction of how things are going in this country for Latino families. They are leaders who will be dedicated to ensuring that every single person, including Latino families, has an opportunity to not only reach the middle class, but to stay in the middle class.” 

Walker River Paiute Tribe Chairman Amber Torres: “Native Americans have seen the highest coronavirus mortality rates in the country. As I have reiterated before, our people’s lives are not expendable […] My tribe has been forced to close its borders to non-members and establish tribal curfews in an effort to control the coronavirus outbreak. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress introduced the HEROES Act four months ago, which includes $20 billion in direct funding to tribes to counter coronavirus impacts. Donald Trump and Mitch McConell would rather leave Native Americans, along with the working people of this country, to fend for themselves.”