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‘Law and Order’ President Tells Supporters to Commit Voter Fraud

In a Nevada tele-rally on Monday, in North Carolina last night and on Twitter this morning, Trump, the self-proclaimed ‘Law and Order’ president, told his supporters to vote twice. Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien went on Fox News this morning and made a baseless insinuation that Democratic ‘operatives’ would ‘find’ the ballots necessary after Election Day to ensure Biden wins in Nevada.

In response, Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Madison Mundy released the following statement:

“After embarking on a months-long rhetorical campaign to undermine the public’s confidence in voting, Trump is now actively encouraging his supporters to commit voter fraud. From launching a frivolous lawsuit against Nevada’s voting expansion law to urging Trump supporters to vote twice while claiming it is actually Nevada Democrats who are trying to steal the election, it is clear the Trump campaign will say and do anything to hold on to power. Trump does not care about the law and he does not care about the well-being of voters. We deserve a president governed by higher principles than self-interest.”