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NV Dems Statement on Women for Trump Bus Tour in Nevada

On Thursday and Friday, the Trump campaign held multiple “Women for Trump” bus tour stops in Nevada. The events bookend a dishonest speech during the final night of the Republican National Convention from Trump himself. In his speech last night, Trump threatened women’s constitutional right to abortion and lied about the state of our failing economy, which has disproportionately impacted America’s mothers. As Trump campaign staff hailed Trump’s record with women yesterday, Nevada’s elected women leaders released a scathing open letter disavowing a presidency that has devastated women and their loved ones.

Nevada State Democratric Party spokeswoman Madison Mundy released the following statement:

“Trump used his speech and the entire convention to write a narrative completely removed from the experience of ordinary Americans — families struggling to put food on the table or worrying about how to make it through yet another first of the month. From the beginning, Trump created crisis after crisis for Nevada women, from waging an all-out assault on our health care and advancing an extremist anti-choice agenda to failing to expand child care even in the midst of a global pandemic. Now, as the coronavirus continues to spread across the country, women are being disproportionately hurt from the fallout of his failures. Yesterday’s open letter from Nevada’s elected women leaders articulated the anger of Nevada women all across the state. This November, the women of Nevada will hold Trump accountable.”


Promise: Trump said he would “do more for women than anybody else” and promised to “take care of women and women’s health care issues.” [Trump Campaign Rally, 10/21/15]

Reality: Trump is aiming to strike down the entirety of the Affordable Care Act, which prohibits insurers from charging women more on the basis of gender or preexisting conditions. 

Reality: In Nevada, approximately 127,000 women between the ages of 19 and 64 are already uninsured, but Trump is trying to overturn the ACA without a replacement plan in place, which could add to the ranks of uninsured women across the country. 

Reality: The Trump Administration has methodically moved to limit access to birth control and abortion. Trump also issued a Title X gag rule, aiming to strip federal funds from health care providers like Planned Parenthood, leaving many low-income women without access to birth control and other essential reproductive health care services.  

Reality: During the pandemic, women have been disproportionately likely to be laid off, to have left the labor market, or to quit their jobs to care for their families.