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As RNC Begins, Nevada Democrats and Community Leaders Call Out Trump’s Chaotic Presidency For Leaving Latino Families In Crisis

Yesterday, on the first night of the Republican National Convention, Nevada Democrats held a press call with Latino leaders and community members to discuss how Trump’s chaotic presidency has pushed Latino families into crisis. During the call, State Senator Yvanna Cancela and Assemblywoman Selena Torres joined Sebastian Cardenas, a DACA recipient, and Eddie Ramos, a Caesar’s Palace employee, to share how Trump’s hateful rhetoric, failed pandemic response, and cruel immigration policies have hurt Latino families across Nevada.

State Senator Yvanna Cancela, who was featured as a rising star during last week’s Democratic National Convention, called out Trump for his divisive policies: 

“Nevada’s diversity is its greatest strength. We have a long record as an inclusive state that is welcoming to all immigrant families — but Donald Trump is threatening the tradition that has made Nevada what it is today. From day one of his campaign, Trump has relentlessly attacked Latinos for his own political benefit. Since then, he has betrayed Dreamers, threatened resources and representation by jeopardizing an accurate census count, and ripped Latino families apart with his heartless immigration policies. Joe Biden will not only end the constant attacks on Latinos and immigrants, he has a plan to build back better for Latino families.”

Sebastian Cardenas, a Dreamer and college student studying education, shared his personal story of how his life changed when Trump was elected four years ago:

“I haven’t seen my older brother in ten years because he was deported when I needed him the most. I was afraid of even getting a traffic ticket because my younger brothers could lose me that same way. I couldn’t see my grandma in the last years of her life or even attend her funeral because we would not be allowed to re-enter the country… Despite my constant fear and anxiety under Trump that my right to be here is only an executive order or tweet away from being taken, I still wake up every day happy and ready to help kids become their best selves and make sure the community they belong to is healthy.” 

Assemblywoman Selena Torres, a state legislator and a teacher, discussed how Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda and failure to invest in educational opportunities has hurt Latino families across Nevada: 

“The Trump administration’s cruel and inhumane immigration policy has left a lasting stain on our country’s history. As an educator, I have witnessed dozens of families separated within my classroom. Instead of welcoming immigrants and creating a pathway to citizenship, the Trump administration has created a humanitarian crisis — ripping apart families and causing unconscionable harm to separated children. Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda and failed policies are upending the lives of Latino families and terrorizing immigrant communities throughout the nation. Meanwhile, Trump and Betsy DeVos have hurt working families by slashing funding for our schools — an impact I see firsthand in my classroom every single day. Education is our great equalizer, but Trump and Betsy DeVos have threatened that opportunity for many low-income children. When Joe Biden is President, we will invest in education and ensure that a person’s zip code doesn’t determine their future.” 

Eddie Ramos, a Caesar Palace employee, shared his perspective as a concerned father:

“As a father, I see the effects of Trump and his border wall. When they started chanting ‘build the wall,’ it caused a lot of bullying against our community. But we as a community, we are not going to go anywhere. We work hard. We work really hard. And we deserve a chance. If we elect Trump again, the world will be worse than we have seen. It will scar our souls. By voting, we can help our community. Joe Biden has a plan for comprehensive immigration reform that will help people come out of the shadows. Only then will we avoid four more years of this nightmare under Trump.”