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BigDanBiggerProblems.com: Dangerous Dan Leads Protest Invoking SWAT Response

Today, NV Dems updated BigDanBiggerProblems.com with yet another dangerous incident involving candidate for Congressional District 3 Dan Rodimer and run-ins with law enforcement. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nevada, Dan Rodimer led a protest to urge the unsafe reopening of non-essential businesses closed in order to mitigate the spread of a deadly virus. Protesters, armed with weapons, then traveled to Governor Sisolak’s home prompting a necessary response by SWAT

Rodimer’s actions in Carson City are part of a pattern of violent behavior that totally disqualifies him from holding public office. 

In 2018, two separate 911 calls brought police to Rodimer’s home in response to reports of domestic violence and theft including $200,000 in jewelry and firearms and $20,000 in cash. Rodimer was also accused of assault three different times while living in Florida and in another case was charged with battery after a fight that took place at a Waffle House that led to the victim suffering from “intracranial bleeding.”

The protest further demonstrates that Dan Rodimer does not have the judgment or temperament for Congress.

Despite clear evidence that masks and social distancing slow the spread of COVID-19, Rodimer has consistently participated in unmasked and unsafe public events and pushes reckless COVID-19 reopening policies, including urging for the unsafe reopening of non-essential businesses, advocating for the reopening of schools without a plan to do so safely, and even lauded Trump’s executive actions that would drain Social Security and Medicare during a global health crisis. 

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“As Nevadans continue to struggle from this pandemic, Dan Rodimer is pushing reckless policies that only further endanger families. While our unemployment rate skyrockets and cases continue to spike due to the failures of this administration, Rodimer is more focused on endangering the lives of Nevadans for his own partisan gain. Susie Lee continues to put families first by following science and working across the aisle to reach bipartisan solutions for the residents of Congressional District 3. Nevadans know Lee is the leader they deserve and they will make that clear at the ballot box in November.”

Democrats launched BigDanBiggerProblems.com earlier this year to provide a spotlight on Rodimer’s dangerous record and sketchy past. From his shady financial dealings to his disqualifying record of violence to a past of seeking fortune through frivolous lawsuits, BigDanBiggerProblems.com lays out every reason Nevadans will reject him in November.