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DNC Convention Roundup: “We the People”

Last night, Democrats across the country kicked off a historic four day affair to unite around the critical task of electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this November. 

This week, Nevadans will be front and center during the convention. On night one, our very own Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto offered rousing remarks detailing the road ahead:

“My home state took the advice of scientists and medical experts—and listened to the people of Nevada—to put in place a vote-by-mail system, so voters have a lot of options this fall. But Donald Trump is trying to divide us by undermining that right… 

Mr. President: Nevada is not intimidated by you. America is not intimidated by you. Mr. President: Nevada is not intimidated by you. America is not intimidated by you. We are united by shared values, shared history, and shared rights—including our fundamental right to vote. And this fall, we’ll send Joe Biden to the White House, and we’ll flip the U.S. Senate. With Mitch McConnell out of power and a Democratic majority in the Senate, we will expand voting access and protect voting rights.” – Senator Cortez Masto

But the virtual nature of this convention means that Nevadans aren’t just at convention, it means the convention is in Nevada! Nevada Democrats are reaching viewers in their homes, offering nightly live, digital pre-shows and watch parties to engage Democrats across the state. This year, no one needs a floor pass! 

Last night’s pre-show offered a star-studded lineup featuring former Senator Harry Reid, NV Dems Chair William McCurdy, Congresswoman Dina Titus, and Attorney General Aaron Ford:

“Voting in this election will be the most important way we use our voice to prevent another four years of Trump’s dangerous agenda. And doing so is how we honor those like Rep. John Lewis and Martin Luther King who fought so hard to ensure we had this right.” – Nevada Democrats Chair William McCurdy II

Nevada Democrats hosted constituency watch parties, like Nevada Con Biden, to celebrate the diversity of our movement. But no matter who was watching, everyone had thoughts. Some of our electeds shared their favorite moments, including State Senator Yvanna Cancela, who will be featured in the convention’s programming tonight:

Check out NV State Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe-Moreno, Las Vegas Councilman Cedric Crear, NV Chair of the Asian American Pacific Islander Democratic Caucus Dan Santos, and immigration attorney Dee Sull’s videos as well.

With the stakes higher than ever for all voters this year, Nevada Democrats are making a clear case for why we must elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this November:

USA Today: ‘America is not intimidated by you:’ Dems push back at Trump over mail-voting, postal service at DNC

  • Democrats gave a vigorous defense of mail-voting Monday during the first night of the party’s virtual convention while also slamming President Donald Trump for not supporting additional funding for the United States Postal Service.
  • “This year, more Americans than ever before are going to vote from rooms just like this,” Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nevada, said from her home, “marking ballots from their kitchen table and exercising one of our most fundamental rights from home. But despite what the president says, voting by mail has been a secure, prudent option for decades.” 

Las Vegas Sun: In DNC speech, Cortez Masto stands firm against Trump on mail-in voting

  • In a virtual appearance at the Democratic National Convention, Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto was tenacious when addressing President Donald Trump’s attacks on plans for the general election to be conducted in Nevada mostly through mail-in balloting out of safety concerns over the pandemic.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Reid, Titus, Ford slam Trump at Democratic convention watch party

  • “(Trump) will go down in history as being the worst president in the history of the country, and that says a lot,” Reid said to kick off the program.
  • “I just believe (Biden) has got the depth of knowledge, the breadth of experience and the strength of conviction to bring this country back together,” Titus said.
  • Nevada State Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy II encouraged viewers to volunteer, saying the state’s sweeping Democratic victories at the state and federal level in the last four years were directly due to organizing work.
  • “(Trump) has perpetuated prejudice, and he’s induced inequities,” Ford said. “Joe Biden, as a young lawyer, worked as a public defender. And he saw up close how the system is too often stacked against folks.”

Las Vegas KTNV: Nevada Attorney General Responds to night one of the DNC

  • “Make no mistake about it: this is going to be a close race and Nevada is going to be pivotal in ensuring that Joe Biden is going to be our next President.”- NV Attorney General Aaron Ford

Las Vegas KTNV: Democratic National Convention kicks off with two Nevadans in the spotlight

  • In a night that saw former First Lady Michelle Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders and actress Eva Longoria, Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto brought the spotlight to the silver state and put the focus on mail-in voting.
  • Tomorrow, another Nevadan will be in the spotlight. Yvanna Cancela is the first Latina state senator of Nevada and she’ll be featured as one of the party’s rising stars tomorrow.