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On 85th Anniversary of Social Security, Republicans Determined to Defund the Critical Program

Today marks 85 years of prioritizing and lifting up workers through the Social Security Act–a historic program designed to ensure all Americans are afforded dignity in their work in retirement. More than 630,000 Nevadans benefit from Social Security. Yet, Donald Trump and Republicans are hell-bent on defunding this critical program which serves as a source of income and peace of mind for so many older and disabled Nevadans. 

After refusing to negotiate a deal on a stimulus package for Americans in crisis, Donald Trump issued an executive order deferring payroll taxes which fund Social Security and Medicare, vowing to make these cuts permanent. Candidate for Congressional District 3, Dan Rodimer, applauded this executive order despite running to represent the nearly 150,000 retirees who would suffer adverse effects from these cuts. 

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“As we celebrate more than eight decades of providing retirees hard-earned benefits, Donald Trump’s policies continue to pose a direct threat to Social Security–a resource so many older Nevadans rely on for food, housing, and health care. This isn’t the first time Trump and Republicans threatened Social Security–throughout his administration, Trump has proposed hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to Social Security and Medicare in his budgets.

“Dan Rodimer, lauding these cuts, made clear he’d be nothing more than another rubber stamp for this administration’s dangerous agenda despite promising to protect these safety net programs. The more than half a million Social Security recipients in Nevada deserve better than hanging in the balance as our country already suffers from a global health crisis made worse by the current administration.”