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NV Assemblywoman Dina Neal on Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, representing how much longer Black women must work to earn what white men earned in the previous year alone. Across the board, women consistently earn less than men, earning an average of eighty-two cents for every dollar a white man makes. But if that statistic is broken down at the intersection of gender and race, the wage gap grows even more stark. Consistently, women of color earn less than white men and women, with Black women making sixty-two cents for every dollar a white man makes. Over the course of a Black woman’s career, the pay gap amounts to nearly $1 million in lost income. 

For generations, Black women have served as the lifeblood of our economy and the backbone of the Democratic Party. And at every turn in our nation’s history, Black women have been at the forefront of the fight for racial and economic justice. Now, Black women are on the frontlines again in the fight against the coronavirus, at work and at home. The pandemic leaves no room for doubt: Black women are essential to this country. Yet Black women’s pay fails to reflect that reality, even as they make up 1 in 3 frontline workers during the pandemic. Time and again, Donald Trump and Republicans fail to address the challenges Black women face and do nothing to close the gender pay gap.

Nevada State Assemblywoman Dina Neal released the following statement:

“In 2016, only two percent of Black women in Nevada voted for Trump. From the start, we knew Donald Trump would be terrible for Nevada and terrible for this country. Four years later, we have all the proof we need. We need Biden as our next President to realign our nation’s focus on equity, racial balance and respect. The wealth gap for black women is a historical injustice, with roots in segregation and historic redlining of minority communities. Black women are essential to this economy. It is time to remedy the pay equity gap and pay us what we are worth; the reality of coronavirus leaves no room for doubt.”

“While today is an important reminder that Black women still only earn 62 cents for every dollar earned by white men, Black women need more than a day to address the deep-seated structural inequalities we face across the spectrum, from health care to housing. Every day, Black women must navigate the compounding obstacles of sexism and racism in our personal lives, our professions, and our politics. And still, every day, we show up. Black women are the critical backbone of the voting electorate. We are entrepreneurs, activists, organizers — our labor builds movements. This November, Black women will show up once again, working alongside Joe Biden to save this country from Trump’s devastation. We will elect a President who recognizes the value of Black women and our tireless work towards a better America.”