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BigDanBiggerProblems.com Updated with Latest Report Adding to Rodimer’s Violent History

Today, NV Dems’ BigDanBiggerProblems.com has been updated with a recent report by the Associated Press detailing 911 calls coming from the home of candidate for Congressional District 3 Dan Rodimer involving theft and domestic violence. This latest report adds to Rodimer’s growing record of violence. The 2018 calls detail two different incidents in which Rodimer allegedly stole $200,000 in jewelry and firearms from his then ex-girlfriend and $20,000 in cash and another report of domestic violence allegations involving Rodimer.

For the full story, including audio of the 911 calls, watch here.

These allegations follow a laundry list of assault and battery allegations dating back to 2006. Rodimer was accused of assault three different times while living in Florida and in another case was charged with battery after a fight that took place at a Florida Waffle House that led to the victim suffering from “intracranial bleeding.”

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“There couldn’t be more daylight between Congresswoman Susie Lee and former WWE wrestler Dan Rodimer. While Lee works across the aisle to ensure her constituents get the resources they need during this pandemic, fights to protect students from this administration’s harmful policies, and stands up for our veterans, Rodimer is pushing unsafe COVID-19 policies, hides details about his finances, and works to defend his criminal behavior. And as more and more damaging information about Rodimer’s past continues to spill out, local and national Republicans have only doubled down on their support for this dangerous candidate by refusing to denounce his disqualifying record and promoting his campaign–even placing a million-dollar ad buy on his behalf. Nevada families deserve a leader who they can count on to put their interests first, not a candidate with a pattern of violent, criminal behavior who can’t be trusted to lead.”

Democrats launched BigDanBiggerProblems.com earlier this year to provide a spotlight on Rodimer’s dangerous record and sketchy past. From his shady financial dealings to his disqualifying record of violence to a past of seeking fortune through frivolous lawsuits, BigDanBiggerProblems.com lays out every reason Nevadans will reject him in November.