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NV Dems, DNC Release Joint Statement on Motion to Intervene in Trump’s Lawsuit

Today, the Nevada State Democratic Party and Democratic National Committee released the following joint statement after filing a motion to intervene in the Trump campaign’s partisan lawsuit that took aim at expansive voting measures enacted by Assembly Bill 4:

“Republicans have a long and sordid history of erecting barriers to the ballot box, and the Trump campaign’s baseless lawsuit is yet another example. Voting by mail is safe, secure, and more critical than ever as our country continues to grapple with the devastating fallout from Donald Trump’s failed pandemic response. These unfounded attacks on Assembly Bill 4 ring hollow given Trump and his allies’ own history of voting by mail. Yet again, Trump and his inner circle are playing by a different set of rules, while forcing vulnerable communities to choose between their health and their constitutional rights. 

“Make no mistake: the Trump campaign and Republicans are exploiting a public health crisis to deny equal access to our democracy because they know voters will reject Trump’s failed record otherwise. Together, Nevadans fought hard during the special session to pass Assembly Bill 4 and ensure no Nevada voter is forced to risk their health and safety in order to exercise their right to vote. Today’s motion to intervene continues that fight, and we will not rest until it is easy and safe for every American to make their voices heard in November.”  

Assembly Bill 4 was signed into law on August 3 by Governor Steve Sisolak and ensures that eligible Nevada voters can participate safely in the November election by expanding mail and in-person voting. This legislation codifies safe voting measures during emergency directives, including mailing ballots to all active registered voters and ensuring each county has a sufficient amount of in-person polling locations commensurate with a normal election.