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NV Dems Statement in Response to Trump’s Tweet on Nevada Voting Legislation

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement addressing Donald Trump’s tweet threatening litigation in response to Nevada Democrats’ efforts to pass voting laws that protect Nevadans’ constitutional right to vote and meet the realities of this pandemic:

“This morning, Trump uplifted a tweet from failed gubernatorial candidates and Nevada Trump Campaign Co-Chair Adam Laxalt falsely claiming that, by attempting to increase universal voting access during the ongoing special session, Nevada Democrats are attempting to ‘steal the election.’ Trump added fuel to the fire by deeming Nevada Democrats’ actions ‘outrageous’ and threatening litigation. Of course, despite their continued attacks on mail-in voting and false claims of voter fraud, both Laxalt and Trump have voted-by-mail. Their protestations against mail-in voting represent an utterly hypocritical attempt to deny Nevadans the same rights they have exercised. 

“What is really ‘outrageous’ is Trump’s priorities. Throughout this pandemic, Trump abandoned states, leaving governors to their own devices. Just two days ago, Vanity Fair reported that a national strategy meant to combat COVID-19 was jettisoned by the Trump administration because, at the time, blue states were hit the hardest and aiding them would not make ‘political sense.’ Trump and his allies have always been motivated by partisanship, even at the expense of American lives. That he would threaten Nevada Democrats’ work to protect voting access through a crisis of his own making is both despicable and par for the course. But Democrats will not be intimidated. We stand with Nevadans and will do the necessary work to ensure every eligible voter can participate easily and safely in what will surely be the most important election in a lifetime.”