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We want to know: Why are Nevadans supporting Joe Biden and Democrats down the ballot?

This past Sunday marked a huge milestone for our campaign: 100 days out from Election Day. As we enter this final stretch, we wanted to hear from Nevadans about what is driving them to support Joe Biden and Democrats down the ballot. Here’s what we heard:

  • “Joe Biden is the proven leader we need right now to save our democracy, help our nation heal, recover our economy and reclaim our place on the world stage.”
  • “As a former Republican of 23 years, the abject insanity of the Trump administration and the modern-day Republican party has driven me to not only leave the party, but become a Democrat, and volunteer for Democrats. Joe can’t win soon enough.”
  • “I am supporting Joe Biden and Nevada Democrats this November because they have a proven history of fighting for working families in Nevada. From the Raise the Wage Act, Paycheck Fairness Act to the PRO act, our democrats have been on the right side of history.”
  • “I am supporting Biden and NV Democrats because we are losing policies that support education for at-risk children, protect the environment, and connect the US effectively through our foreign policies. We must take care of our vulnerable populations!”
  • “Its time for a humane government.”
  • “So our country can heal.”
  • “To move us in the right direction.”
  • “His experience, intelligence, character, his willingness to listen, and adjust his views accordingly and just from witnessing how he and Obama ran the country successfully for 2 full terms. He is the best candidate for the job!”
  • “Biden is what our country needs to start the healing process. He is a very compassionate, caring human being who can lead us forward. He has proven himself over and over again and can bring us back to greatness.”
  • “Helping all Americans build a caring and thoughtful vision for all, back a progressive team that will hold your hand, feel your pain, and touch your heart just like your mama did. Offer a better pathway to uplift all people not just Americans but the citizens of the world and the dreams they aspire to.”
  • “Better programs, built for people not corporations, building the economy, protecting healthcare, social security, medicare.”
  • “He is the only one who can put this country together. He has the knowledge, experience, and love for all of the people of this wonderful country.”

These were just a few of the reasons Nevadans gave us for why they are supporting Biden and Democrats down the ballot. If one thing is clear, it is that they trust Joe Biden. They know Joe Biden has the experience, character, and heart to rebuild a nation that works for everyone. Joe will unite the country. He knows how to bring people together to get big things done; he has done it his whole life, as a champion for working families. Joe will rebuild the backbone of America – a stronger, more inclusive, more resilient middle class – and make sure this time, everyone comes along. Joe will restore the soul of the nation. He’ll call us to conscience and honor everyone’s dignity. He’ll put hope over fear, science over fiction, truth over lies.

We have less than 100 days to elect Joe Biden and Democrats down the ballot. Our team is #AllIn to win in November, are you?