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With 100 Days to Go, Trump Campaign Positioned to Lose

Election Day is now 100 days away and Donald Trump couldn’t be in a better position to lose in November. He’s demonstrated to the country how ineffective of a leader he is when it comes to navigating our country through a crisis. Nevadans have disproportionately felt the brunt of his chaotic, misguided handling of coronavirus. 

From the beginning, Trump has been ineffective in addressing the current global health crisis. His policies have benefited the wealthy and large corporations while leaving hardworking families behind. 

He downplayed the virus in its early stages instead of supplying our front line workers with the necessary equipment. He blamed others for its spread instead of taking responsibility for his own inaction. And he continued working to implement his dangerous agenda which made the effects of a global pandemic far worse for the most vulnerable Americans. 

Rather than provide states with the equipment and tools needed to fight a pandemic, Trump left governors to fend for themselves

Trump undermined states’ response to coronavirus by failing to offer a coherent national strategy, threatening to hold federal aid hostage, attacking scientific authorities, and insisting the coronavirus would simply “disappear.” 

Last month, Governor Sisolak slammed Trump after the president claimed he would slow testing down. And just last week, Trump called testing “overrated,” saying it “makes us look bad.” Both Democrats and Republicans agree Trump needs to do more. During this month’s challenging special session, Nevada’s state legislature passed a bipartisan resolution requesting the federal government provide additional aid. Instead, as Congress debates the next coronavirus relief package this week, the White House is trying to block billions of dollars that could help states combat the virus.

Despite trying to focus his campaign on the economy, Trump’s administration has left millions jobless

Nevada has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, our state was forced to make devastating budget cuts, yet Trump still hasn’t committed to renewing much needed UI benefits.

Trump has led us into the greatest recession since the Great Depression. Trump told us that he would be “the greatest jobs president God ever created,” but under his leadership, the U.S. has lost 7.8 million jobs. As millions of unemployed Americans looked to Congress for continued relief, Trump continues to push a payroll tax cut that wouldn’t help those most in need. From his disastrous Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to his current handling of the pandemic, Trump continuously sides with corporations over working people.

And as this health crisis rages on, Trump continues his fight to repeal the ACA without a replacement plan

While we’re faced with a global health crisis and many without work have also lost their employment-paid health insurance, Trump is still determined to “terminate health care” entirely. Due to the consequences of the global pandemic, an additional 27,000 people could lose their coverage if the Trump Administration had their way and the ACA was invalidated by the courts. Ultimately, this could leave more than 300,000 Nevadans and 23 million Americans without care. 

At the crux of their war against health care is Trump and Republicans’ attack on protections for patients with pre-existing conditions; fighting to end these protections in court as the virus continues to plague the U.S. If not for Nevada Democrats’ work to make these protections permanent last year, 25% of Nevadans could face denial of coverage by insurers. 

The Bottom Line

The Trump campaign is working desperately to spin their ability to win over Nevada voters, but the reality is this administration’s policies have left so many Nevada families worse off; during a pandemic no less. As deaths increase to 1,000 a day, Americans are worried. According to recent polling, 64% of Americans do not trust Trump’s handling of coronavirus. 

Hardworking families deserve leadership in the White House–a president who will fight for affordable health care, for racial justice, for clean air and water, for good paying jobs. That’s why they’ll reject Trump once again at the ballot box.