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Trump Continues to Put Politics Above Science, Calls Testing “Overrated”

As Las Vegas makes national news as a coronavirus hotspot, Donald Trump says testing is “overrated.” Though Trump’s decision to resume coronavirus briefings prompted some news outlets to laud Trump’s “new tone,” his latest claim that testing is overrated proves nothing has changed. In his handling of the pandemic, Trump still refuses to offer Americans science-based solutions.

Fact: Trump pushed to reopen the country before ensuring that it could be done safely. He held federal funding hostage, leaving state leaders without the vital resources necessary to combat this virus

Fact: Trump has undermined scientific authority and antagonized the very governmental agencies meant to protect us during this time of crisis

Fact: Trump’s Education Secretary Betsy DeVos refused to commit to CDC guidelines, threatening the safety of students, parents, and teachers as the Trump Administration pushes for school reopenings 

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Madison Mundy released the following statement:

“Throughout his presidency, Trump has undermined the scientific community. Why would we expect a president who has expressed skepticism about vaccines and denied climate change to be able to lead with the guidance of medical experts during a global pandemic? In the current crisis, choosing science over partisan politics is a matter of life and death. As coronavirus cases soar in Las Vegas and across the country, we need more than a change in tone. We need real, science-based leadership.”