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Nevada Democrats Stand with Nevada’s Immigrant Communities

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s memorandum excluding undocumentd immigrants from the census for the purposes of congressional apportionments:  

“From the outset of his campaign and throughout his presidency, Donald Trump has pushed an anti-immigrant agenda. As president, he has weaponized racism and xenophobia to foment fear and bigotry, gravely harming immigrant families, and our nation at large, as a result. This latest unconstitutional stunt threatens vital resources Nevandans rely on; resources like education, health care, and nutrition assistance. 

“Nevada’s diversity is our greatest strength. Nevada Democrats stand with undocumented immigrants. We will not allow the thousands of undocumented immigrants in Nevada to be intimidated or silenced by Donald Trump. As we move towards November, we will work tirelessly to elect President Joe Biden, who will fight for the representation and dignity immigrant communities deserve.”