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NV Dems Statement on Latest Unemployment Numbers

This week’s newly released job numbers revealed that as Donald Trump’s failed coronavirus response continues to devastate the economy, unemployment in Nevada remains at 15 percent — the fourth highest unemployment rate in the country. Just last month, Nevada claimed the highest unemployment rate in the nation. 

The latest jobs numbers in Nevada are accompanied by a record breaking number of coronavirus cases in the state. Despite this, Trump and congressional Republicans refuse to act and pass a second round of relief for Americans suffering from the consequences of the pandemic.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Madison Mundy released the following statement:

“Today’s numbers make it crystal clear: Donald Trump’s catastrophic pandemic response continues to hobble working families across Nevada as they fight to get back on their feet and make ends meet. Thanks to Trump’s failure of leadership, 15% of Nevadans are still out of work while surging coronavirus cases continue to put lives and livelihoods at risk. When it mattered most, Trump failed to take action, turned a blind-eye to struggling families, dismissed public health experts, and insisted the virus would just ‘disappear’– all while shirking responsibility. Nevadans deserve a leader who will take decisive action to meet this crisis head on — and that leader is Joe Biden.”