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Nevada Republicans Continue to Put Corporations Before Hardworking Families

Late into the night and through the early hours of the morning, the Nevada Legislature voted on legislation put forth by Democrats that would reduce tax deductions for large mining companies in Nevada in order to help fill a deep budget deficit as a result of the ongoing global health crisis. Once again, Republicans made clear where their allegiance stands–with large corporations, not Nevada’s hardworking families. 

Nevada Republicans refused to increase taxes on the $7.8 billion mining industry, even as the state faces the prospect of painful cuts to essential services, during a pandemic, no less. Last night’s display by the Republicans continues a time-tested legacy of corporate favoritism. The record shows, time and time again, Nevada Republicans will prioritize corporate profit above the interests of everyday Nevadans.

In 2019, as Nevada Democrats worked to protect schools and pay teachers, Republicans threatened nearly $100 million in education funding, all so corporations could pay less in taxes. Senate Republicans are still fighting in court–alongside corporate plaintiffs–to stop Democrats’ funding solution. 

In 2017, Nevada Republicans voted against a tax on the marijuana industry meant to help fund education. As Democrats fought for Nevada’s children, Nevada Republicans refused to support critical funding for our public schools. 

Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement: 

“Nevada Republicans continue to follow Trump’s example by placing corporate interests above working families. Due to a lack of national leadership during this pandemic, Nevada is facing an unprecedented economic crisis. That’s why Democrats sought a common-sense solution that would have seen a profitable industry finally pay its fair share. But for Republicans, it was the same, tired routine: obstruction on behalf of Big Business.”