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Dan Rodimer’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

It’s been a bruising week for Dan Rodimer as more of his sketchy past and dangerous ideas come to light–from filing a partial financial disclosure only after being publicly shamed into doing so to weak fundraising numbers to new polling suggesting a majority of parents don’t agree with the push to reopen schools.

Members and candidates for Congress are required to file financial disclosures to offer constituents necessary transparency, but Rodimer seems to believe those rules don’t apply to him. He waited until he was called out by the media for failing to meet the deadline before filing his financial disclosure–nearly two months late

Once he did, he really didn’t disclose much at all, claiming non-disclosure agreements with clients meant he could hide information from Nevadans about where he gets his money.

And those aren’t all of Dan’s money problems. Rodimer had a dismal-at-best fundraising quarter with virtually no support from the Republicans he hopes to join in Congress. Meanwhile, Rep. Susie Lee posted massive numbers–making her one of the highest Congressional fundraisers in the country in 2020. Lee now holds a 10-1 cash on hand advantage with a little more than 100 days to go in the election. 

After holding a press conference to urge Nevada schools to reopen “full scale” next month without a real plan to do so safely, the science community came out strongly against doing so the very next day. And as the Trump Administration threatened to pull funding from schools that didn’t open, pediatricians also came out against the decision.

Parents are also against this push by Rodimer. Polling from this week shows most voters oppose the insistence to send students back to school without a clear plan to keep them and teachers safe, with a majority of Republican parents saying it would be risky

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“This has been one bruising week for Dan Rodimer as he failed to dodge punches to his shady business record, his lackluster fundraising, and polling suggesting a strong majority of parents believe the push to reopen schools is risky. He is more concerned with keeping his past hidden and pleasing Trump and Republicans than putting the interest and safety of Nevadans first. Serving in Congress requires real leadership but Dangerous Dan has proven he can’t be trusted to do what’s right.”