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Betsy DeVos and Dan Rodimer Urge Unsafe Reopening of Schools Without a Real Plan

Last week, candidate for Congressional District 3 Dan Rodimer held a “press conference” alongside a campaign staffer posing as a concerned community member urging for the reopening of schools next month. As our state experiences a spike in COVID-19 cases, Rodimer believes students must reopen “full scale,” potentially putting students, staff and their families in danger. 

Then, over the weekend, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos made her way through the Sunday shows urging schools to reopen in the fall. Yet, despite being adamant about reopening, DeVos failed to provide any tangible guidance about ways schools can keep children safe from the virus. She’s even gone to the extreme of threatening to redirect federal funding for public schools if they refuse to reopen–all while Nevada legislators have been forced to explore difficult cuts to our education budget due to the lack of federal relief funds. 

Yesterday, Donald Trump didn’t mince words when he responded to a question regarding concerned parents worried about their children’s safety and a teacher in Arizona who nearly lost their life teaching summer school by saying “Yeah, the schools should be opened.”

All this while teachers across the country express concern over returning to in-person learning and a lack of confidence in methods to keep students and teachers safe and schools clean. 

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“Protecting our children and ensuring they receive a proper education should be a top priority, but the Trump administration has been ineffective from the jump. Betsy DeVos used this pandemic to further her own agenda of using public school funding for private schools and withholding student loan relief from thousands of Nevada Dreamers. Trump has gone full force in ignoring the recommendations of his own CDC, continuing his chaotic response to a global health crisis that continues to ravage our country. And as he encourages putting students and teachers in potential danger by taking Trump’s lead, Rodimer continues to prove what we already know: he is dangerous for Nevada families. Nevada families can’t afford another four years of Trump and DeVos and they deserve better than a representative in Congress who will rubber stamp this administration’s dangerous agenda.”