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Nevada Democrats Call on Trump and McConnell to Pass Relief Package as Nevada Tops the Nation in Unemployment

Nevada Democrats are continuing the call to pass a second round of relief for Americans suffering from the consequences of the global pandemic as another devastating jobs report shows Nevada among the hardest hit states. As cases of coronavirus spike across the country and in Nevada, where we are experiencing the highest transmission rate in the U.S., we cannot rely on reopening businesses as the sole method of repairing our economy. 

While Trump and Republicans refuse to act and continue to ignore the threat of the virus and undermine the value of additional relief for unemployed Americans, Democrats are calling on the GOP to pass a second round of relief funds to help our state and country recover and get Nevadans back to work. 

NV Dems Chair William McCurdy II: Last month’s jobs report underscores just how deeply workers are suffering from the consequences of this pandemic. Our families need support. It’s time McConnell and Trump put workers first and pass legislation to help us get on the path of recovery. 

U.S. Senator Cortez Masto “told the Review-Journal that Senate action on a coronavirus relief bill was needed to help Nevada, where a new fiscal year begins July 1 … ‘Our states have been devastated,’ Cortez Masto said.”

Senator Jacky Rosen: I’m urging Senate leaders to bring a comprehensive #COVID19 package to the floor to support all of our small businesses in Nevada. We need to act.

Rep. Dina Titus: Over three weeks ago, the House passed the #HEROESAct to provide additional relief to Nevadans who are struggling. This bill would provide $8.7 billion to first responders, frontline health care workers, and teachers in Nevada. Yet, @senatemajldr won’t even allow a vote.

Rep. Steven Horsford: The same first responders fighting the Mahogany Fire on Mt. Charleston are the same heroes we are trying to keep funded in the #HeroesAct. 

It’s time @senatemajldr works with the House so Nevada can keep first responders and essential services intact.

Rep. Susie Lee: I see so many tweets about Nevadans not receiving their unemployment checks. People should not have to tweet their congressional reps for help with their #PUA. Our system is broken, and we need to do better. We need the Senate to take up the Heroes Act NOW.

Nevada Senator Yvanna Cancela: Numbers don’t lie, but they don’t tell the full story. Trump will celebrate today’s job numbers, but Nevadans know the road to recovery is a long one. The only 2 people I want to see unemployed are Trump and McConnell. Come November, it’s happening.