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NV Dems Joint Statement on Trump Ignoring Russian Plot to Kill American Soldiers

Over the weekend, it was reported that, months ago, Donald Trump received intelligence provided during his daily briefing regarding a Russian plot to pay bounties to the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers. The Trump Administration has yet to reprimand Russia or provide any explanation as to why there has been no action by the U.S. in response. 

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II, Nevada Senator and Veteran Pat Spearman, and DNC Committeeman and Veteran Alex Goff released the following joint statement:

“It is difficult to comprehend how self-involved one must be to blatantly ignore intel about a grave danger posed to U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan. Soldiers put their lives at risk to uphold American principles, our values, our freedoms, and to be put in further danger because of the incompetence of our so-called ‘commander in chief’ is beyond the pale. Trump continues to prove he cares more about himself than everyday Americans. He refuses to put our health first during a global health crisis, he refuses to put hardworking families above the ultra-wealthy while our economy craters, and he refuses to prevent further danger to soldiers who are already risking their lives for our country. It’s not enough to say Trump’s reckless inaction is unacceptable–we must do everything in our power to ensure he doesn’t get one extra day in an office he never deserved and we are confident Nevadans will vote him out in November.”