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Nevada Republicans Take Trump’s Lead on Ignoring the Threat of Coronavirus

As Donald Trump works desperately to pretend the coronavirus is now in the past, some Nevada Republicans are taking the president’s lead in ignoring the serious threat of this virus to hardworking families. At a recent poorly attended in-person rally, Donald Trump indicated he told his staff to “slow the testing down” at a time when we’re seeing spikes in cases across the country–including in Nevada.   

Nevada Republicans are bending over backward to support this reckless leadership by downplaying the virus and peddling false information about the efficacy of wearing masks to reduce the spread of the virus. To name a few:

  • Dan Rodimer became a walking health hazard when he attended an in-person rally to reopen the economy in early May and has hosted multiple in-person events
  • Jim Marchant came out against passing additional legislation to help struggling families and instead believes we should continue putting Nevadans at risk by fully reopening our economy and returning to business as usual
  • Assembly Minority Leader Robin Titus refuses to support research indicating face coverings limit the risk of exposure and infection
  • Republican Assembly candidate Annie Black repeatedly parrots Trump by using racist monikers when referring to the virus

Meanwhile, Governor Sisolak implemented a face-covering mandate to slow the spread, extended phase two reopening through July, and expanded contact tracing. And in Washington, our Democratic delegation is working to pass the HEROES Act which would provide much-needed aid to local governments as the Silver State is faced with the need to make budget cuts. 

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“From praising the president’s chaotic and ill-prepared response to this global health crisis to continuing to question the science behind face coverings to invoking racial epithets to describe the virus, Republicans are putting politics ahead of Nevadans’ health. Donald Trump is more concerned with his re-election than seriously addressing this pandemic and local Republicans are contorting themselves to act as his rubber stamp. Every day, Nevadans continue to live with the consequences of this Administration’s failure to address this virus and, come November, they will hold Trump and Republicans accountable.”