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NV Dems Launch BigDanBiggerProblems.com

Website highlights Dan Rodimer’s violent and sketchy past

Today, Nevada State Democratic Party launched BigDansBiggerProblems.com as a one-stop-shop for everything Nevadans need to know about Republican candidate Dan Rodimer’s troubling past and dangerous plans for Congressional District 3. 

With no public leadership experience, it’s important voters understand the type of leader Rodimer plans to be, yet Nevadans knows very little about where the former wrestler has gotten his money and where he stands on the issues that matter most to our families. From seeking fortune through frivolous lawsuits, to owning a poorly run restaurant chain, to creating an apparent cancer screening scam, BigDanBiggerProblems.com will underscore just how dangerous Dan Rodimer would be for Nevada. 

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“Even with as little information as we know about Dan Rodimer, it’s still very clear how dangerous he would be for Congressional District 3. He has a record of violence and a laundry list of scams designed to take advantage of the most vulnerable. Rodimer can’t be trusted to protect Nevadans or lead on critical issues like health care, education, and recovering from this pandemic. BigDanBiggerProblems.com will provide a much-needed spotlight on Rodimer’s sketchy business deals, attempts to prey on the vulnerable, and accusations of violent assault–every reason Nevadans will reject him at the ballot box in November.”