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MEMO: Primary Election Underscores Democratic Momentum Heading Into 2020 General Election

To: Interested Parties
From: Shelby Wiltz, Coordinated Campaign Director
Date: June 22, 2020
Subject: Primary Election Underscores Democratic Momentum Heading Into 2020 General Election

The Nevada State Democratic Party has held onto a strong position heading into the 2020 general election, with a unified ticket of qualified Democrats on the ballot and a voter registration advantage larger than both 2016 and 2018 election cycles when Democrats flipped seats up and down the ticket. 

Democratic enthusiasm was on full display in the primary election and NV Dems is doing the work to carry this momentum through to November. The State Party continues to build out our field program, hiring new organizers each week and continuing the work we’ve been doing on the ground for the past year. We are known for our ground game and we will show the country why in November–from training volunteer leaders, to finding creative new ways to register voters, to utilizing digital organizing tools to reach Nevadans to limit physical contact. 

NV Dems continue to expand our electorate across the state

  • Democrats now have a 6% advantage among registered voters in the state
  • Among registered voters in Clark County, Republicans are now comparable to a third party 
  • In 2020, Democrats out registered Republicans in swing Washoe County and now hold an advantage among active registered voters for the first time in a decade 

Despite few competitive primaries, Democrats outpaced Republicans in turnout

  • Statewide, Democrats led in overall turnout by more than 16,000 votes
  • In swing Washoe County, Democrats led Republicans in overall turnout 
  • Over 66,000 more Democrats participated in the 2020 primary election compared to the 2018 election and over 110,000 more Democrats compared to 2016
  • In 10 of 17 counties, Democratic turnout went up compared to the last two primary elections 
  • Democratic engagement in a majority of Nevada’s rural counties increased from both 2016 and 2018 primary elections 

Democrats earned a larger share of support in their primaries compared to Republicans 

  • Susie Lee earned nearly double the amount of votes Dan Rodimer earned in the primary, cruising to victory with more than 82% support among Democrats
  • Steven Horsford earned nearly triple the number of voters compared to his opponent Jim Marchant who couldn’t even crack 40% support 

Bottom line

NV Dems are in the strongest position we’ve ever been heading into a general election and an energized base will carry us to victory in 2020.