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NV GOP Must Rebuke Councilwoman Fiore’s Racist Comments

Over the weekend, City Councilwoman and Republican National Committeewoman Michelle Fiore invoked a racist trope while addressing the Clark County Republican Party Convention and days after news of her racist comments have been made public, the Chair of the Nevada Republican Party has yet to rebuke her comments–even after hosting a press conference this afternoon and never denying she made the comments.

The Nevada Independent: Councilwoman under fire for comments about affirmative action when ‘my white ass is more qualified than somebody’s black ass’

By Tabitha Mueller

June 8th, 2020

  • Amid protests and calls for addressing violence and systemic racism against African-Americans in Nevada and across the country, the Clark County Republican Party said Las Vegas Councilwoman Michele Fiore made “racially charged remarks” at its convention over the weekend.
  • Several attendees said Fiore’s remarks came in the context of her opposition to affirmative action. Party officials did not specify what Fiore, who is also the Republican national committeewoman, said, but headlined their release “Clark County Republican Party Rebukes Racially Charged Remarks.”
  • “She says that ‘If there’s a job opening and my white ass is more qualified than somebody’s black ass, then my white ass should get the job,’” he recounted from her remarks in an interview with The Nevada Independent on Tuesday.

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement:

“Given her past of controversial comments, Councilwoman Fiore’s most recent comments aren’t surprising. They are, however, particularly cruel at a time when our country mourns the loss of yet another Black American killed at the hands of police. Each day GOP Chair McDonald goes without admonishing these comments, he is sending the message that her words and actions are acceptable to the Republican Party. The Black community is demanding progress and I have hope that we can make meaningful change as we work to root out racism at all levels of government, but allowing these comments to live in the public sphere only brings us backward.”