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NV Dems Chair Statement on the Death of George Floyd

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement on the death of George Floyd:

“We can never forget George Floyd and we can never stop fighting until all Black Americans can live in this country without the fear of violence by the hands of police. We are suffering and innocent lives are being lost from a broken system.

“The Nevada State Democratic Party is committed to electing leaders who will not cower in the face of racism and who will stand up and fight back against bigotry at all levels of government. We can root out this evil and it starts with electing a president who will unite our country, fight for justice, and call out evil in all of its forms. Yet, Donald Trump has done the exact opposite–he is dividing our country, stoking violence, and emboldening white supremacists. Throughout his tenure in the White House, his administration has put in place policies and practices that deepen inequality, further alienate minority communities, and roll back years of progress we’ve made in fighting injustice.

“We cannot and we must not let George Floyd’s death–as well as the deaths of so many innocent Black Americans–be in vain.”