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“We Won’t Forget”: Nevada’s Small Businesses Pay The Price For Trump’s Corrupt Recovery

While Nevadans continue to grapple with the fallout of Donald Trump’s chaotic pandemic response, the Trump administration has continued to prioritize large, well-connected corporations over Nevada’s struggling small businesses.

“Nevadans are fighting every day just to get by,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II. “But instead of helping Nevada’s small businesses survive an economic disaster of his own making, Donald Trump has funneled desperately-needed relief funding into the hands of a few well-connected friends. When it mattered most, he showed Nevadans where his true loyalties lie — we won’t forget.”

See more below on how Trump’s corrupt recovery is hurting Nevada’s small businesses:

Trump’s Failed PPP Rollout Has Left Nevadans Behind

Nevada Independent: Nevada small businesses fared poorly compared to similar states in SBA emergency loan program.

  • “Nevada remains last among seven states with similar populations in loans from the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Nevada business owners ‘desperate’ as federal funds vanish.

  • “Nevadans like Vincent Fried, an independent contractor and Las Vegas-based nail technician, say they are desperate. ‘The last time I was paid was March 18,’ Fried said. ‘It’s getting really scary. I don’t know any independent contractor who has gotten (this) loan.‘”

KRNV: Local businesses struggling to get loan assistance.

  • “‘It’s just a challenge for the little guys to be able to get those the benefits that are being rolled out,’ says [Cameo Arias, owner of Graceful Healing in Reno]. ‘It seems like the big people are the ones who get access to them, us little folks get steamrolled.'”

Trump Excluded Small Casinos From Desperately-Needed Relief

Nevada Independent: “Vast majority” of Nevada gamers excluded from new SBA program. 

  • “‘The way the guidance is structured, the number of Nevada casino-gaming operators that will be able to participate in the Paycheck Protection Program would appear to approach zero.’”
  • The American Gaming Association slammed the Trump administration’s “dangerous view that gaming employees don’t deserve assistance during this unprecedented crisis.”

Casino.org: Second Round of PPP Loans Comes Too Late to Save Nevada’s Lakeside Inn

  • “Two weeks ago, when the Lakeside Inn and Casino got its rejection notice, Stacy Noyes knew a decision had to be made. Lakeside was denied because, at the time, SBA rules prohibited any company that earned more than a third of its revenue from gaming from accessing PPP funding.”

Meanwhile, Trump Is Funneling Relief Money to Friends and Donors

Washington Post: More than $1 billion in funding meant for small businesses was handed to large corporations.

CBS News: The Trump administration delivered a nearly $800,000 PPP loan to a company whose largest shareholder is Trump’s campaign manager.

CBS News: A data firm for Trump’s campaign received a $2.85 million loan — nearly 14 times the PPP loan average.

GQ: A Trump donor’s hotel — the biggest recipient of PPP funds — got $96.1 million meant for small businesses.