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Democrats Notch Big Win in Lawsuit to Expand Voting in Nevada Primary

Today, the DNC, DCCC, NSDP, and Priorities USA filed a notice withdrawing our preliminary injunction motion after the Clark County Registrar announced changes to the upcoming primary election to expand voting access. 

The Clark County Registrar agreed to the following concessions after Democrats’ joint lawsuit filed last month:

  • Send mail ballot to all registered voters, including inactive voters, in Clark County (which accounts for more than 81% of all inactive voters in the state) 
  • Establish two additional polling locations in Clark County
  • Make sure each flagged signature is reviewed by at least two reviewers of different parties, and that if one of those two employees questions whether the signature on the ballot envelope matches the signature of the voter, the signature will be reviewed by the supervisor of elections, and, if necessary, by the Registrar of Voters
  • Instruct employees reviewing signatures that a signature raises a reasonable question of fact as to whether it matches the signature on file if it differs in multiple, significant and obvious respects from the signature on file, and that slight dissimilarities should be resolved in favor of the voter whenever possible
  • Reach out via mail, and telephone or email (if the voter has provided that information), within 24 hours of receipt of a ballot or as soon thereafter as possible, if the voter is required to cure a signature issue
  • Deputize and train twenty individuals, including Democrats, Republicans, and nonpartisans, to serve as field registrars of voters (pursuant to NRS 293.505) who, as agents of the Registrar’s office, shall travel and receive voted, sealed mail ballots from voters during the June 9, 2020 primary

The Democratic National Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Nevada State Democratic Party, and Priorities USA released the following joint statement in response to the Clark County Registrar’s decision to expand voting access in the upcoming primary:

“The Clark County Registrar made the right decision in moving to mail ballots to all registered voters–not just those deemed “active,” expanding the number of in-person polling locations, and updating their signature review process. We also applaud the steps the registrar is taking to allow Nevadans to more readily cure their signatures should their ballots be rejected.  Finally, we appreciate the registrar’s decision to appoint additional field registrars to receive mail ballots from voters at their homes as needed.

“Nevada’s other county elections departments should follow Clark County’s lead to ensure nobody has to choose between their health and their right to vote. While the decision to increase the number of in-person polling locations from the required one to now three is a step in the right direction and should suffice for a low turnout primary, it is wholly inadequate to serve Clark County voters in the general election. These efforts by Clark County allow us to withdraw our request for preliminary relief prior to the primary election. We will continue fighting to expand early and in-person voting and make voting by mail as accessible as possible for the general election.”