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Six Months Out, NV Dems Enter General Election in Strong Position


To: Interested Parties

From: Alana Mounce, Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Director

Date: May 04, 2020

Subject: Six Months Out, NV Dems Enter General Election in Strong Position

The Nevada State Democratic Party has worked for nearly a year to lay the foundation for a successful general election and with Vice President Joe Biden now the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee, NV Dems is working full-speed ahead to November. 

As a competitive swing state, we understand the work needed to win up and down the ballot. It is how our party has remained successful the past two cycles: through dogged, methodical organizing. From volunteer recruitment, to voter registration, to building a diverse, multilingual field team, we are prepared to win again in 2020. 

NV Dems began organizing nearly a year ago and because of earlier engagement with Nevada voters, we are in the strongest position Democrats have ever been at this point in a general election. 

Key Battleground State

The road to the White House undoubtedly runs through Nevada and, in 2020, so does the path to retaining a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives. 

POLITICO rated Nevada a toss up for both the presidential election and swing Congressional District 3 and Cook Political Report rated Congressional District 3 a competitive contest that leans Democratic. 

Competitive History

In 2016, NV Dems edged out Republicans statewide electing Hillary Clinton by two points, Catherine Cortez Masto to the U.S. Senate by two points, and flipping Congressional District 3 by less than two points–a district Donald Trump won by one point. 

The State Party was successful due in large part to a robust field operation as well as early national investment. 

Statewide   CD 3  
Hillary Clinton


Donald Trump 48%
Donald Trump


Hillary Clinton 47%
Catherine Cortez Masto 47.1% Jacky Rosen 47.23%
Joe Heck 44.6% Danny Tarkanian 45.96%


Early Investment 

NV Dems isn’t just building off of the momentum of our First in the West Caucus, we’re building off of the team we assembled for the caucus. We started earlier than ever, hiring a talented team to put on a successful caucus and are growing the team over the next few months. 

Earlier this year, NV Dems was named part of the DNC’s Battleground Build Up program which is helping the State Party expand our organizing team and hire operations and data staff. 

The DCCC named Representatives Steven Horsford (CD-4) and Susie Lee (CD-3) to their Frontline program, indicating their support in these swing districts and underscoring the need to hold on to these seats to protect our Democratic majority in the House. 

Additionally, the DNC and House Majority PAC made early ad reservations in Nevada on both television and digital mediums. 

General Election Programs

NV Dems is growing our field operation in order to strengthen our ground game–just last week, we hired six new field organizers and one new regional organizing director. The State Party is implementing programs as we work from home to practice social distancing and build out our volunteer universe. 

Coordinated Campaign

The State Party is building out a coordinated campaign to elect Democrats up and down the ticket. A coordinated campaign allows candidates and the party to pool our resources and streamline efforts. From the State Legislature to the White House, this team will provide Democrats with the support they need to ID supporters and turn them out in November. The coordinated team will be an expansion of our caucus team. 

Voter Registration

When it comes to registered voters, Democrats are now in the strongest position we’ve ever been in heading into a general election. Statewide, Democrats have a nearly 6% statewide advantage. Among active registered voters, Democrats lead Republicans for the first time in a decade in Washoe County and in Clark County, Republicans’ deficit has left the GOP comparable to a third party. 

NV Dems continue to find new ways to register voters under our current circumstances–from online voter registration challenges to voter registration trainings, to including paper registration forms in our food and supply deliveries for those unable to register online. We’ve also partnered with local businesses still offering delivery to provide paper registration forms to customers. 

Volunteer Organizer Bootcamp

NV Dems is identifying and recruiting volunteer-organizers to become self-sufficient organizers in their own right. This bootcamp provides high-quality training to educate our most passionate and dedicated volunteers of all experience levels on the same tools provided to field staff. This prepares volunteer-organizers to engage their own communities and networks to help expand the State Party’s reach across the state and provide Democrats up and down the ballot with the support they need to win.  

Additional trainings such as How to Register to Vote Online and How to Volunteer in a Virtual Test Bank are available on our website along with digital training tools at nvdems.com/training-nevada/.