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Trump’s Chaotic Handling of Coronavirus Leads to a Disjointed Nevada GOP

The country may have moved our day-to-day lives online in order to practice social distancing–in taking advice from medical professionals–but Republicans seem to be living in their own virtual reality. From encouraging Nevadans to risk their health by coming together to protest Governor Sisolak’s stay-at-home order, to taking credit for the Governor’s decisions, the GOP can’t seem to stay on the same page about Nevada’s path forward.

It’s understandable that becoming irrelevant over the course of two painful election cycles can get to one’s head, but Nevada Republicans are flailing. Here’s a look at just how disjointed the Nevada GOP has become over coronavirus:

  • Nevada Republicans rejected social distancing guidelines and took to the streets, without masks, to protest a stay-at-home order designed to keep families safe from further spread of the virus. 
    • Bonus: NV GOP spokesperson tried to deny the protests were against the stay-at-home order.
  • Candidate for CD-3, Dan Rodimer, announced he is not only traveling outside the district he is running to represent to protest the state-at-home order in person, but he’s also encouraging Nevadans to come meet him while he’s there. 
    • Bonus: He will be joined by former head of the superminority caucus in the Assembly Jim Wheeler.
  • Reversing course from his colleagues, Scott Hammond shared his idea to extend the stay-at-home order for students.
    • Bonus: Head of the minority caucus in the State Senate, James Settlemeyer, tried to give him credit after Governor Sisolak announced his decision to extend distance learning that very same day. 
  • Heidi Gansert is likely to try and take credit for the Governor’s leadership after sending out a vague newsletter claiming to be a plan to re-open the economy the same day Sisolak announced he’d soon be rolling out the state’s plan to re-open. 

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“Trump made this pandemic exponentially worse when he decided to ignore warning signs, to downplay its seriousness, and failed to prepare. This chaotic approach seems to have manifested into a disjointed Nevada GOP. The reality is that our state needs more tests in order to reopen safely, but the Trump administration continues to fail, leaving Nevada among the bottom half of states for tests per capita. Governor Sisolak continues to lead decisively and with the guidance of medical professionals–leadership our state deserves and former Governors from both sides of the aisle praised him for this week. There’s a reason Republicans have become irrelevant in Nevada and, come November, they’ll be extinct.”