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NV Dems Statement in Response to SOS Cegavske

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement in response to Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske’s reply to a letter regarding the upcoming primary election:

“The Secretary of State is correct in that we are a nation of laws, but she is now deciding arbitrarily which laws she believes her office must follow, and which laws she feels she can disregard. The law is very clear in providing Nevadans the right to vote and to do so in person; this election must provide legitimate, safe opportunities to do so. Only having one in-person polling location per county will undoubtedly cause the disaster of long lines and overcrowding that the country witnessed in Wisconsin and will hurt communities of color. We must prevent that from happening again. 

“Rather than uphold her duty to ensure every voter has the ability to make their voice heard in this primary, the Secretary is instead turning Nevadans’ constitutional right to vote into a partisan issue by invoking GOP talking points. Democrats have beat back these claims, like in Arizona when the Ninth Circuit found that prohibiting individuals to help their neighbors turn in their ballots violates the Voting Rights Act. Expanding access to the ballot box has always been Democrats’ fight and we’re prepared to win.”