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Schlapp Can’t Spin Trump’s Disastrous Record of Broken Promises to Latinos

Ahead of Mercedes Schlapp’s “Latinos for Trump Talk in Nevada” today, Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Director Alana Mounce released the following statement:

“Whatever Trump’s campaign says today, they can’t spin his disastrous record of broken promises to Latinos in Nevada and across the country. For more than three years, he’s waged a ruthless campaign to undermine Latino families’ health care, raise taxes, and cut our social safety net. Now, as he leads a chaotic, unprepared response to the coronavirus pandemic, Trump’s failures continue to disproportionately endanger Latinos’ health and economic security. Nevada’s Latino community deserves leadership, not more campaign rhetoric.” 


Promise: “I’m also going to fight to help millions of Latinos trapped in poverty, and to help their children grow up in safety and in peace.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Henderson NV, 10/5/16]

Promise: “I’m number one with Hispanics because I’m going to create jobs. People want that. We’re going to have jobs.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Sparks NV, 10/29/2015]

Reality: Nearly half of Latinos say they or someone in their household has taken a pay cut or lost a job – or both – because of the COVID-19 outbreak, compared with one-third of all U.S. adults.

Reality: While corporations and billionaires rake in massive giveaways, Trump’s tax scam will end up disproportionately hiking taxes on Latino families.

Reality: Trump’s health care sabotage jeopardizes significant gains among Latino communities since the ACA.

Reality: Trump proposed massive cuts to Medicaid, which provides health coverage for about 32% of nonelderly Latinos.

Reality: Trump has repeatedly attacked Latino immigrants, once saying: “These aren’t people. These are animals.”