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NV Dems Statement on Joe Biden Becoming the Presumptive Nominee

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following state on Vice President Joe Biden becoming the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee:

“I want to congratulate Vice President Joe Biden on his hard-fought campaign to become the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee. We made history with the most diverse slate of candidates who, together, gave a microphone to marginalized voices, put a spotlight on issues often left in the dark, and reminded the country we are the party of working families. I am grateful to each of the candidates for putting in the time and effort to engage Nevada voters and to lift up their stories. 

“As a key battleground state, Nevada will be a must-win state in November. Nevada is a majority-minority state with a nearly one-third Latinx population, a vibrant African American community, and home to one of the fastest-growing Asian American Pacific Islander populations in the country. Joe Biden is the candidate who will best represent Nevada’s hardworking families and provide a stark contrast to the broken promises of the Trump Administration.

“Nevadans deserve a president who will expand access to quality, affordable health care–not work to rip care away from millions of Americans, who will put in place protections for our natural resources–not deny climate change exists, and who will embrace America’s diversity–not separate families at the border. The choice is clear and Nevadans’ will, once again, reject Donald Trump at the ballot box.”