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Republicans Oppose Much-Needed Grant for Rent and Mortgage Relief During Pandemic

Today, in a virtual meeting of the Interim Finance Committee, Nevada Republicans opposed a grant offering $2 million in rent and mortgage assistance to those disproportionately affected by COVID-19. 

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“As deaths caused by coronavirus continue to mount and jobless claims shatter records, Nevada Republicans once again find themselves on the wrong side of history. When Attorney General Aaron Ford requested a grant aimed at providing some relief to those now out of work and unable to pay their mounting bills, Republicans said it wasn’t ‘a good time.’ Our state deserves leaders who will come together to protect the most vulnerable during an unprecedented pandemic and, come Election Day, Nevadans will hold Republicans accountable for their inaction.”

The Nevada Independent: Lawmakers approve disbursing $6.2 million in emergency management funds to combat coronavirus

  • Although that request was approved unanimously, lawmakers were more divided on a request by the office of Attorney General Aaron Ford to transfer $2 million in settlement funds to the United Way of Southern Nevada for temporary rental and mortgage assistance. 
  • “Rent is still due, and thousands of Nevadans will still owe back rent,” Attorney General Chief of Staff Jessica Adair told lawmakers during the meeting.
  • “Frankly now is not a good time to use state resources to support a non-state program,” Kieckhefer said.
  • Adair said the funds would help families avoid the “anxiety” of watching bills pile up while they’re unable to work, and help stem a sudden surge in evictions because of rent nonpayment once the eviction moratorium is lifted.
  • Ultimately, legislators approved the spending allocation with four no votes — Kieckhefer and Assembly Republicans Robin Titus, Jim Wheeler and Al Kramer.
  • The attorney general’s office estimated that the funds would assist up to 1,000 households in the state, with disbursement expected to begin in May 2020.


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