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Nevada GOP Reveals Weak Bench of 2020 Hopefuls

With the candidate filing period now closed, Nevada voters have a clear picture of Republicans’ weak bench of 2020 hopefuls. From the State Legislature to Congress, the GOP put forth a slate of rejects in a pathetic attempt to save their party from extinction. With competition like this coupled with the work NV Dems has put in up and down the state, Democrats are well suited to expand our majority in the Senate, maintain our supermajority in the Assembly, and protect swing Congressional Districts 3 and 4. 

Just a quick glance at their lineup tells us everything we need to know heading into November:


  • Heidi Gansert refuses to prioritize the safety of Nevada families and repeatedly opposed legislation preventing gun violence–most recently voting against legislation to enact the will of voters by implementing background checks for all gun sales.



  • Failed candidate and noted sore loser Carrie Buck who worked to steal a Senate seat by attempting to overthrow the will of the voters through a bogus recall effort that was tossed out by the Nevada Supreme Court.


  • April Becker, who also previously tried and failed to steal a Senate seat, is back. Wonder how she’ll try and earn the trust of Nevadans in SD6 with this record. 


  • Another primary loser, Dan Schwartz, who couldn’t even get double digits in the contest to become the Republican nominee for Governor, is running for a seat in Congress to further Republicans’ dangerous agenda.


  • Former wrestler and National Republicans’ hand-picked candidate Dan Rodimer, who says he likes to “f*ck people up” and has a record of violence, thinks he’s the best candidate to represent the families of CD3.


  • Jim Marchant’s run in CD4 is a classic case of failing up after losing as an incumbent in the Assembly. Running in a packed primary in a lean-Democrat district, this will undoubtedly be an uphill battle for a one-term Assemblyman. 


  • Another entertainment candidate, Lisa Song Sutton, is running for Congress, who’s highest title is Miss Nevada. Can’t imagine how she’ll lose with endorsements from Victoria Seaman and Michelle Fiore. 


  • THE KICKER: Perennial candidate Danny Tarkanian moved to Gardnerville just to run for a Douglas County Commission Seat.


Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“It says a lot about the GOP’s chances in November as they reveal a weak bench they hope will save their party from extinction. From entertainment candidates to repeated failures, Republicans’ chances of regaining relevancy in Nevada are bleak at best. With Donald Trump at the top of the ticket, these candidates will have to answer for this administration’s priorities of ripping health care away from millions of Americans, ending protections for pre-existing conditions, tearing families apart at the border and slashing environmental protections. 

“NV Dems put in the work to lay the foundation for a successful general election, organizing in every county beginning last summer. During our First in the West Caucus, we registered 17,000 new Democrats across the state, aiding in the relegation of the GOP to a third-party equivalent in Clark County and outnumbering Republicans among active registered voters in the crucial Washoe County. There’s no doubt Republicans are facing an uphill battle in Nevada and this motley crew just made it that much steeper.”