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Nearly 17,000 Nevadans Register as Democrats During First in the West Caucus, on Pace to Eclipse Republicans in Swing Washoe County

Following a successful First in the West Caucus in which nearly 17,000 Nevadans registered as Democrats across early voting and Caucus Day, Democrats are now on track to outnumber Republicans among registered voters in swing Washoe County adding to the already embarrassing relegation of Republicans to a third party equivalent in Clark County. 

NV Dems began laying the foundation for the general election by hosting a historic caucus where more than 105,000 Nevada Democrats participated–a majority of which were first-time caucus-goers. By engaging Democrats across the state and organizing in every county, we surpassed turnout levels of 2016 by nearly 21,000 and have set up our eventual nominee down a path of success in a critical battleground state. 

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“As if a defeat in 2016 and an outright rejection of his cronies in 2018 weren’t a big enough sign for Trump heading into November, Democrats are now closer than ever to outnumbering Republicans among registered voters in a must-win swing county. From their weak bench of candidates to watching their opposition expand across the state, the GOP is facing an uphill battle in Nevada. With eight months to go until the election, it’s clear Democrats are energized and ready to defeat Donald Trump and NV Dems are doing the work to win up and down the ballot.”