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By The Numbers: First in the West Turnout Highlights Energized Democratic Voters, Diverse Electorate, New Participants

Following a historic four days of in-person early voting, Nevadans gathered on Saturday to make their voices heard in the Democratic presidential primary. The result was a surge in voter turnout compared to 2016 and thousands of new Democratic voter registrations. As the party shifts from our historic First in the West caucus to the 2020 general election, Nevada Democrats are ready to harness the energy and enthusiasm to win this critically important battleground state for our next presidential nominee and candidates up and down the ticket.

Here’s a by-the-numbers look:

  • Roughly 105,000 Nevadans total participated in their precinct caucus
  • Nearly 75,000 turned out during the historic four days of in-person early voting
  • 30,000 turned out on Caucus Day
  • Total turnout was more than 21,000 higher than in 2016
  • 35% of Nevadans who caucused were non-white according to entrance polls
  • A majority of Nevadans who caucused were first-time caucus-goers


Nevada is the first Western state in the presidential primary and the only early state where the electorate reflects the full diversity of the Democratic Party and the country as a whole. As a majority-minority state, Nevada has a vibrant African American community, one of the fastest-growing AAPI communities in the nation, and nearly one-third of the state’s population is Latinx. With 14% of our workforce identifying as union members, Nevada also has the largest organized labor presence of any early state. Nevada will play a decisive role in selecting our Democratic nominee to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.