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One Year Out from the General Election, Trump, NV GOP Couldn’t be in a Worse Position

With exactly one year to go until the 2020 general election, the Trump campaign and Nevada Republicans are in the worst possible position to win back a state Trump lost in 2016 and his endorsed candidates lost in 2018.

Just last week, the Trump campaign named failed gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt and powerless Minority Leaders James Settlemeyer and Robin Titus as campaign co-chairs while ousting the former campaign chair and lone Republican congressman from Nevada after he expressed support for the impeachment inquiry. Republicans have also failed to recruit any viable contenders to compete in Congressional Districts three or four, setting themselves up for failure earlier than ever. 

Making matters worse, Republicans are inching even closer to becoming the equivalent of a third party in Clark County as they continue to be out-registered by Independents and Non-Partisans. 

Meanwhile, Governor Sisolak and the work Democrats accomplished during the 2019 Legislative Session are viewed favorably by Nevadans. Heading into 2020, NV Dems remain vigilant in making our First in the West Caucus the most accessible and expansive yet by recruiting volunteers, continuing to out-register Republicans and training Nevada Democrats on the caucus process. Here’s a closer look at the numbers:

  • Democrats are in a better position among registered voters now than we were on Election Day in 2018 with a nearly 5% advantage statewide. 
  • NV Dems have recruited more than 1,200 volunteers for the 2020 caucus
  • Organizers and volunteers have held more than 120 caucus trainings across the state
  • So far in 2019, more than 23,000 Nevada Democrats have been contacted by NV Dems 


Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement: 

“After losing Nevada in 2016 and remaining underwater in the state, the Trump campaign has a tough road ahead if they still believe they can pull off a successful effort to win our state in 2020. Nevadans rejected him then, they rejected his cronies in 2018, and we will reclaim the White House one year from today.”