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Sen. Cortez Masto Underscores Significance of Nevada’s Latino Community Ahead of First 2020 Democratic Debate

In a call with reporters ahead of the first set of Democratic presidential debates, Senator Catherine Cortez Masto laid out the significant role Nevada’s Latinx population will play in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary.

“Nevada is one of the most diverse states in America with a vibrant Latinx community that makes up nearly one-third of our population, a strong African-American and fast-growing Asian-American and Pacific Islander community,” said Senator Cortez Masto. “As the First in the West, Nevada is the crucial test for our presidential candidates’ message and campaign viability in a general election because our state is a microcosm of the rest of America. As our Latinx share of the electorate continues to grow, I can tell you that I know Latinx voters are focused on the candidates that will fight for them on their issues – from health care to immigration, a strong economy and creating good-paying jobs. I encourage every Democrat running for President to come to Nevada, hear the diverse voices of Nevadans and lay the critical groundwork now to engage and turnout voters across our state.”

Nationally, the Latinx community is projected to be the second largest voting bloc this cycle. Nevada’s Latinx community makes up one-third of our state’s population making Democratic candidates’ ability to appeal to the early state with the largest Latinx population a determining factor of their viability in Nevada and across the country.