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REPORT CARD: Nevada Republicans Receive Failing Grades for the 2019 Legislature

Despite Republican attempts to rewrite history and claims that they “want the same things” as Democrats, they can’t erase their record from the 2019 legislative session. After opposing legislation to empower Nevada’s workforce, protect women’s reproductive rights, and make our state safer by enacting common-sense gun laws, Senate and Assembly Republicans earned an F for the 80th session.  

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“Republicans should be disappointed in their shortcomings this session–there’s no doubt Nevadans will be. At every turn, Republicans refused to support legislation to improve the quality of life for all Nevadans. While Democrats came together to improve school safety, increase access to health care, improve our education system, reform our criminal justice system, and make our communities safer, Republicans were more focused on playing politics and obstructing progress. It’s no wonder voters relegated them to the minority.”

Here are just some of the ways Republicans failed Nevadans this session:

  • Opposed paying Nevada workers a livable wage, allowing state workers to bargain collectively, restoring prevailing wage, equal pay, and paid sick leave
  • Voted against enacting same-day registration and extending the early vote period
  • Voted against increasing funding for K-12, updating our decades-old education funding formula, and increasing funding for school safety and well-deserved raises for our educators
  • Opposed increasing transparency for asthma medication pricing
  • Voted against expanding background checks, banning bump stocks, and enacting extreme risk laws
  • Opposed restoring voting rights and expunging records of offenses now decriminalized
  • Voted against the Trust NV Women Act