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Nevada Democrats Close Out 2019 Legislative Session with Major Accomplishments for Education, Workers

Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Director Alana Mounce released the following statement on the progress achieved under Democratic control in Carson City:

“Under the leadership of Governor Sisolak, Majority Leader Cannizzaro and Speaker Frierson, Nevada’s majority-female Legislature made historic achievements on behalf of all Nevadans. This session, our leaders increased access to health care while protecting patients with pre-existing conditions, made major reforms to our criminal justice system, expanded women’s reproductive rights, empowered our workforce by raising Nevada’s minimum wage and restoring worker protections, expanded access to the ballot box, and worked to protect our environment while making Nevada a leader in solar energy once again.”

Here is a list of just some of the achievements of the 2019 Legislature:




  • Updated the decades-old education funding formula


  • Gave educators a well-deserved raise


  • Directed all funds from the marijuana retail excise tax to public schools, fulfilling the will of the voters


  • Increased funding for education




  • Made permanent protections for pre-existing conditions



  • Allocated millions in state general funds for family planning services


  • Increased transparency for asthma medication pricing


  • Ended unnecessary abortion consent laws



  • Created the Patient Protection Commission to review the state of health care accessibility and affordability in Nevada




  • Increased law enforcement’s ability to help victims of crime


  • Enhanced criminal penalties for those who commit violence against a first responder and extended those penalties to a first responder’s spouse and children



  • Banned bump stocks


  • Established extreme risk protection orders to keep guns out of the hands of those who pose a risk of harming themselves or others


  • Eliminated the statute of limitations for prosecuting sexual assault cases if the identity of the alleged offender can be established by DNA evidence


  • Enhance protections for victims of domestic violence


  • Established the Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights





  • Implemented protections for gender pay discrimination


  • Removed barriers for union workers under public construction projects


  • Enacted prevailing wage


  • Enabled state workers to bargain collectively




  • Created a method for identifying ways for the state to reduce carbon emissions to zero or near-zero by 2050


  • Increased Nevada’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to reach 50% by 2030


  • Built a community-based solar energy program


  • Created Office of Outdoor Recreation





  • Established the Office of Small Businesses under the Lieutenant Governor


  • Created the Cannabis Compliance Board to strengthen Nevada’s legal cannabis industry




  • Established the Office of New Americans



  • Expunged the records of those convicted of now decriminalized offenses


  • Expanded access to the ballot box by enacting same-day registration and extending Nevada’s early vote period


  • Created a database to track payday lenders in Nevada


  • Put an initiative on the 2020 ballot to remove marriage definitions from the constitution


  • Put an initiative on the 2020 ballot to add the Equal Rights Amendment to the Nevada Constitution


  • Passed Legislation to compensate those who have been wrongfully convicted


  • Banned for-profit, private prisons