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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Republicans Being Disingenuous About Education Priorities

Senate Republicans, now in the minority, are claiming to suddenly care about education initiatives despite their history of voting against these very measures. You don’t have to go back too far to see just how disingenuous their new “plan” to fund education looks:

2015: Republican-controlled Senate refuses to take up legislation on school safety

2017: Republicans walk off the Senate floor rather than vote to fund K-12 education

  • “In a stunning act of defiance, Senate Republicans walked out and Democrats proceeded to vote Thursday on a bill that could have major ramifications on the next Nevada budget.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal]


2017: Then-Assemblyman and Now-Senators Ira Hansen and Keith Pickard vote against an education budget that continued a program to reduce class sizes

2017: Senate Republicans vote against legislation to improve student-teacher ratios in K-12

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement:

“It’s pretty rich watching as Senate Republicans seem to finally discover the value in funding our kids’ futures when just last session they stormed off the Senate floor instead of voting to fund the education budget. Rather than coming to the table to work with Democrats, Republicans have instead resorted to playing politics. It’s time Republicans stop playing partisan games and work on making our schools safer and achieve real solutions for Nevada’s future generations.”