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FACT CHECK: Nevada GOP Lying About Democrats’ Record on School Safety and Their Own Obstruction of Safety Measures

Nevada Republicans playing politics instead of working to make communities safer

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Molly Forgey released the following statement in response to the NV GOP’s new digital ad:

“Republicans are lying about Nevada Democrats’ and Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro’s record on making Nevada’s schools and communities safer. Democrats have worked tirelessly legislative session after session to make school safety a priority, but not until Democratic control in both chambers and in the Governor’s mansion have we been able to make real strides. Despite Republican obstruction, Democrats expanded background checks to include private gun sales, strengthened law enforcement’s ability to solve and prosecute crimes, and are working to increase penalties for domestic abusers. While Republicans work to mislead Nevadans, Democrats are working to make our state safer.”


Republicans Have Repeatedly Obstructed Democrat-led Efforts To Increase Safety

2015: Republican-controlled Senate refuses to take up legislation on school safety passed out of the Democratic-controlled Assembly

2017: Republicans refused to implement background check ballot measure despite majority support from Nevadans

2017: Every Senate Republican voted against a measure making it more difficult for those suspected or accused of domestic violence to purchase firearms

2017: Every Senate Republican voted against legislation keeping guns out of public libraries

2017: Assembly and Senate Republicans voted against closing a dangerous loophole allowing allowed convicted stalkers to purchase firearms

Under Democratic Control, The Legislature And Governor’s Office Are Working Together To Improve School And Community Safety

2019: Governor Sisolak included funding for school safety in proposed two-year budget

2019: Universal background check bill became law in Nevada despite every Republican voting against the measure

2019: Legislation strengthening law enforcement’s ability to help victims of crime signed into law