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NV Dems Statement on State Senate Recalls Victory

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement in response to the Nevada Supreme Court unanimous decision upholding the dismissal of Republican attempts to recall State Senators Joyce Woodhouse (SD5) and Nicole Cannizzaro (SD6):

“The Nevada Supreme Court’s ruling today proved what Nevadans knew all along: Republican attempts to recall two State Senators were purely political efforts to deceive voters and rig the system in their favor. This unanimous ruling is not only a win for Senator Cannizzaro’s and Senator Woodhouse’s constituents, it is a win for all voters. In 2018, Nevadans made clear they are tired of Republicans’ political games when they elected Democrats up and down the ticket–from the State Legislature, to the Governor’s mansion, to the U.S. Senate. Now, our State Legislature is working to pass legislation that will improve the lives of every Nevadan and with these recall efforts finally behind us, we will continue to bring progress to our state and achieve great work on behalf of all Nevadans.”

More information and the Nevada Senate Democratic Caucus’s statement can be found here.