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MEMO: NV Dems’ Organizing Program Propels Democrats to Victory


To: Interested Parties

From: Alana Mounce, executive director, Nevada State Democratic Party

Date: Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Re: NV Dems’ Organizing Program Propels Democrats to Victory

Here in Nevada, elections are won on the ground. Thanks to the dogged, methodical organizing work by the Nevada State Democratic Party and our labor and advocacy partners, Nevada once again proved to be a bright spot for Democrats in 2018. Despite facing an uphill battle in a midterm year, with historical factors stacked against us, Democrats overcame the odds and propelled our candidates to victory by organizing across the state to register more voters and getting Nevadans to the polls through a variety of voter contact methods.

By the numbers: NV Dems’ 2018 organizing effort

    • Registered 32,209 voters between March and the October 9th mail-in deadline.
    • 70 percent of those were new registrants
    • 50 percent of those were young voters (18-29)
  • In just the final three weeks of the campaign (since October 13th), the NV Dems:
    • Knocked on over 1 million doors
    • Made over 1.3 million calls
    • Sent over 1 million texts to voters
  • For the entire 2018 cycle (since March 2018), the NV Dems:
    • Knocked on 2.3 million doors
    • Made 2.6 million calls
    • Sent 1.2 million texts to voters

The NV Dems grew our voter registration advantage month over month

Our team of organizers and volunteers spent months registering voters across the state after our voter registration effort began in March. We increased Democrats’ advantage over Republicans for seven months in a row leading up to the registration deadline in October.

Despite the RNC’s frequent boasting about their huge and early investment in a Nevada field program, Democrats grew our active voter registration lead this year using proven strategies that work. At the close of registration, despite a routine inactivation of some voters earlier this year, Democrats maintained a 74,923 voter registration advantage.

The NV Dems’ organizing program was unprecedented for a midterm

With twice as many organizers as the RNC-funded GOP field program, the NV Dems recruited nearly 7,000 volunteers who completed almost 40,000 shifts for the cycle. With a volunteer army the size of that of a presidential year, we were able to contact more voters than anticipated, resulting in higher voter contact rates than is typical for a midterm year. In just the GOTV period (Sunday-Tuesday), our program knocked on over half a million doors.

Together with our invaluable partners in labor, issue advocacy, and community organizing, the NV Dems’ powerful organizing program overcame the Republican turnout that is typical for a midterm year to win key races up and down the ticket.