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Where’s Dean? Heller Takes the Weekend Off Before Election Day

Sen. Dean Heller disappeared from the campaign trail over the weekend before Election Day, refusing to participate in public events or make his schedule available to media. It sure looks like Heller is taking a page out of failed Senate candidate Joe Heck’s playbook from 2016.

  • Associated Press: “Heller’s campaign didn’t respond to requests for comment about his plans on Saturday.”

  • New York Times: “Mr. Heller’s campaign declined repeatedly to provide The New York Times with a public campaign schedule.”

Heller has become notorious for avoiding press—slamming a car door in a reporter’s face, using secret doors in the Senate, and ducking into elevators to avoid questions. So it’s really no surprise that as momentum continues to surge against him, Heller has decided to do what he does best and go into hiding.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“While Jacky Rosen continues to pound the pavement and remind voters why they should elect her to the U.S. Senate, Dean Heller has disappeared from the campaign trail, hiding from reporters and voters as he faces the toughest election of his career on Tuesday.”