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Dems Highlight GOP Hypocrisy Outside Trump/Hardy Event

Today, Democrats held a press conference before a campaign event for Cresent Hardy featuring Eric and Lara Trump. Democrats highlighted Hardy’s record of supporting Donald Trump’s agenda, which benefis special interest donors at the expense of hardworking families. Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett (D-VI), joined Nevada Democrats outside the Republicans’ campaign office to address the press.

In her remarks, Congresswoman Plaskett said:

“The highest duty of a member of Congress is fight for the people they serve. Cresent Hardy has shown again and again that his priority is not helping working families, but rather serving the special interests who are funding his campaign, and doing the bidding of Donald Trump. Hardy, Trump, and Washington special interests are attacking Steven Horsford because they are afraid. They are afraid of Steven because he is willing to stand up and fight for working families. They are afraid of Steven because he will put his constituents ahead of special interests.”