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NV Dems Highlight GOP Hypocrisy Outside Heller/Tarkanian Event in Henderson

Today Nevada Democrats held a press conference across the street from a Republican event in Henderson featuring Senators Lindsey Graham and Cory Gardner as they tried to make the case for why Senator Dean Heller should be re-elected and his former primary opponent Danny Tarkanian should be elected to Congress. Nevada State Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy II highlighted the GOP’s broken promise to protect Nevadans’ health care, the reckless corporate tax giveaway, and their agenda benefiting special interest donors at the expense of hardworking families.

Chairman McCurdy also recounted the Dean Heller campaign’s statements on perennial candidate Danny Tarkanian, including:

  • “Danny Tarkanian can’t be trusted.”
  • “Danny has a long history of lying and deceiving to get what he wants, even if it comes at the expense of others.”
  • Danny “is actually a professional politician that has been rejected five times for over a decade because of shady business deals, a legal malpractice lawsuit, and court sanctions.”
  • “Danny Tarkanian Uses His Children’s Charity as a Personal Slush Fund.”
  • “Danny Tarkanian took money from a children’s charity to pay bills for his political campaign and then used it to pay his home mortgage.”

Nevada State Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy II released the following statement:

“Republicans are hoping the voters will forget who they are and what they stand for, but they can’t hide from their records. Dean Heller and Danny Tarkanian have fought to take away protections for pre-existing conditions, to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and to take health care away from hundreds of thousands of Nevadans. Democrats are the party of working families, and we will not stop fighting to get our message out and tell voters the truth, no matter how much money special interests and corporations spend to defeat us. Jacky Rosen and Susie Lee have spent their careers working for working families, and they will fight for Nevadans in Washington.”