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Tarkanian Campaign Spreads Conspiracy Theories, Misinformation on Mail Bombs

Amy Tarkanian, who previously managed one of Danny Tarkanian’s campaigns and currently acts as a high-profile surrogate for the campaign, took to Twitter to push conspiracy theories and misinformation about the bombing attempts discovered today. It is unclear who is behind the mail bombs, but that has not prevented Tarkanian from spreading wild theories.

Tarkanian retweeted fringe conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer, claiming that the bombing story is manufactured: “This is looking more unreliable every minute. None of the packages were delivered to anyone’s residence. It’s a lie.”

Tarkanian retweeted Loomer blaming the recipients of the package bombs: “They are lying to all of us to gin up sympathy for violent Democrat politicians!”

Tarkanian also added her own thoughts on some of the theories.

This is not the Tarkanians’ first brush with conspiracy theories. Both Danny and Amy Tarkanian have welcomed the support of fringe figures who lied about the October 1st Las Vegas massacre and who continue to spread misinformation about the shooting. Both Wayne Allyn Root and Roger Stone, who are high profile supporters of the Tarkanian campaign, have been vocal advocates for fringe October 1st conspiracy theories. Danny Tarkanian will be holding a fundraiser with Roger Stone in Florida next week.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:

“The Tarkanian campaign is spreading conspiracy theories before we even know the full facts. The Tarkanians have not only embraced those who spread lies and conspiracy theories about the devastating October 1st massacre in Las Vegas, but are now actively spreading misinformation themselves. Nevadans deserve better than a serial scam artist who will say anything to get elected. Danny Tarkanian is unfit for office.”